Hyperleger and the revelations you didn’t know

Hyperleger and the revelations you didn’t know


Hyperledger Tela, the report draft distributed open source hyperledger, reached an important milestone today as version 1.0 was released.

Hyperledger a book distributed fabric large chain hoist is open source. The block chain has been widely used to prove ownership of the digital currency, but Brian Behlendorf, managing director of Hyperledger said that this project is more focused on the case of commercial use, such as smart contracts. You can use a large book to use distributed property to prove something of value – whether land, diamonds or parts of a supply chain.

As a current example, the Swift Banking network sends payments between banks worldwide. In the current system, we must consider 1 to 3 days to consider transactions. Hyperledger work in a tissue application that could reduce it to a few minutes in the block chain.

Behlendorf said that the version 1.0 comes after months of work by members of the community including people from some of the largest global companies such as SAP, IBM, Intel, American Express, Fujitsu and Daimler. It were with some live hundreds of proofs of concept and pilot projects, he said.

“After 16 months we have reached version 1.0. There is a more mature version and a true conviction of developers under certain constraints that are [willing to push] production, “he said. This warning is that there are still many great book technology distributed to learn to manage.

“We’re always learning from the blockchain DevOps,” he said. It means understanding the structure how much you can handle. “There is still a fine fabric to maximize transactions per second setting,” he said.

He says that the project has reached a point where he is ready to go in the world where these final questions are being developed in production environments. Eventually, they will get other versions that are more apprendreont and continue to understand the underlying technology, as with any technology 1.0.

Although it is in the companies in the past 12 to 18 months in blockchain promises many discussions have been the companies have been very experimental / exploration. Having a more mature open source option available to a number of types of industries provides it could be a common technology that will help in the short term.