Professional Insurance Brokerage for economical HIGH profits

Professional Insurance Brokerage for economical HIGH profits

Insurance Brokerage

Professional Insurance Brokerage provides economical and high-quality insurance coverage for the beauty salon industry. If your salon offers facials, scrubs, microdermabrasion, electrolysis, body wraps and many other services, PPIB will tailor a policy to meet the needs of your business. It is important that beauty salons cover the services they offer to protect themselves from any unfortunate demand. This is where insurance brokerage comes in for professional programs.

Our exclusive beauty insurance covers are the most comprehensive in the industry. There are several beauty salon insurance programs that can match the services we offer.

Our beauty insurance program offers:

• Cosmetic insurance
• In the face of insurance
• Exfoliating assurance
• Microdermabrasion insurance
• Therapy for the induction of collagen and collagen
• Body Contour / Cellulite Reduction
• electrolysis insurance
• LED / microcurrent insurance
• Insurance to wrap the body
• Massage insurance
• Insurance for lash enhancement
• Foot detoxification
• Insurance for the improvement of eyebrows
• Airbrush tanning insurance
• Tanning insurance
• Insurance for hairdressers
• Nail insurance
• Hydromassage insurance
• Wax removal insurance
• sauna (including infrared)
• Spa insurance
• skilled workers (in most states)
• IT protection

Corporate coverage is available in most states. Beauty salon insurance is available to a single technician or to the entire facility. Day Spa Insurance offers a complete package to cover all or part of the services offered.
Since 1993, PPIB offers insurance for the beauty industry. We have always been able to follow new trends and offer services that other operators may not have. For example, we offer a permanent cosmetic cover in beauty salons, we offer safety, Brazilian hair removal, we have the insurance of infrared sauna in beauty salons, to name a few. If coverage is needed for a new procedure or the beauty salon or day spa has a unique exposure or other insurance issues, contact us. Our program can be designed to meet the unique needs of the ever-changing spa or beauty salon.



As a massage therapist, you have been trained in the best techniques and practices that will improve the well-being of your clients. It is also important to take care of yourself and your business. A mistake, whether someone slips into your room or a customer gets hurt when he gets out of a table, could cost you thousands of dollars. With an insurance policy for beauty and work, you can be reassured when you go to work on your Insurance Brokerage.


Many people around the world are looking for people who can help them look good. Here you come. As a professional esthetician, you specialize in helping people feel good and feel good. One of the best ways to feel good, at least in your career, is to take out liability insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen events that can cause financial damage. BBI allows you to use your knowledge to help others feel comfortable and to give you the assurance that if something goes wrong, you have insurance to help you.

AESTHETIC Insurance Brokerage

Cosmetologists work every day with products and tools that can simplify their work, but also harm customers. If I worked with a client and you had an injury, the treatment could cost thousands of dollars and the injured person could come back to you and ask for money to pay the bills. Although there is a small chance that, as will happen an event, having insurance with BBI, previously known as the BWI program, is, you never have to panic about Insurance Brokerage.

Free benefits when using our services

Outstanding customer service with a live insurance agent available 8:30 am
8:30 ET Monday to Friday, in addition to weekends
Immediate coverage and proof of insurance at checkout
Coverage of event modules, the preferred choice of the sector
Benefits for members as identity protection plan, stolen equipment
Reporting, a free professional website and discounts on exclusive products
An all-inclusive cover for more than 350 types of beauty and well-being
Free registration at A