we are specialized in maximizing your space, are you?

we are specialized in maximizing your space, are you?

we are specialized in maximizing your space

Information about us (our general contract activity)
We are general contractors specializing in the renovation and restoration of residential and commercial buildings in the United States and surrounding areas. We have an extensive portfolio of completed projects that we can share with you to provide you with functional and design ideas that maximize the value of your space. Our knowledge of building codes, building materials and appropriate specialists allows us to complete projects on time and within budget, making projects complicated an exciting and enjoyable experience.

3 short reasons why you should choose us because we are specialized in maximizing your space

Our construction company offers general contractor and renovation services for various types of projects. Our capacity is flexible for small and large commercial, light industrial and multi-family projects. In collaboration with the project and design managers, we use teams of expert craftsmen to carry out the various work packages. This provides the most efficient design in the most practical way.

We jst know that we are specialized in maximizing your space.

The capacity and diversity of our general contracting teams support the development of floor plans and floor plans, structures and roof design. We also offer services for the electrical and sanitary industries, completing the construction offer.
Our commitment to understanding a project gives us the foresight to plan how we deliver the requirements in a timely manner. All our trades are exceptionally talented and complete a project with as little variation as possible. We provide a high level of security in our general business services and have gained trust and reputation across the United States as a senior construction company.

Transparency at work

We understand the importance of open communication and accountability at all levels of construction and management. Whether directly with the customer or via the project manager and the site, we have dedicated managers who answer all questions and provide periodic updates. We often install real-time videos on the site with online access to the progress of the broadcast. United Construction Company is a pioneer in transparent design and has chosen to focus on our work where our ethic of quality and work is visible to all.

Quality and costs

To achieve excellent value for money, you must reconcile the budget and equipment. Our goal is to provide superior materials and construction without exceeding the limits. All the possibilities we see to improve the scope and design are communicated to the project management under the direction of the site supervisors. The experience of our employees in all phases of commercial, industrial and multi-family housing development gives us the skills and knowledge to carry out projects of maximum value, truth is, we are specialized in maximizing your space.

In which we are specialized

As a brand, we are specialized in maximizing your space. From home to the office, we can design and implement incredible transformations that make you feel less forced and rejuvenated. These include lobbies, lofts, bathrooms or remodeling of the kitchen; As well as the lighting design to create an atmosphere of peace and joy! We cover you from floor to ceiling