how to improve your personal life

how to improve your personal life

Why is happiness so difficult to maintain?


Why is happiness so difficult to maintain?

If you are a happy life to that light, the light delicious, you can dance the night right.
You feel you jump through the day – laughter, love, life so light!
You feel that you can approach life and achieve victory. World Caution, here I go or not ready!
But happiness is so easily plucked without warning of the fingers.
And life is so heavy, the air is so overwhelming, all you can do, stop the day.
Over the years there have been times when stumbling on the day was more than I could possibly do. There were family queues led me in the middle of financial headaches that are more like migraines, redundancy, bad news about friends and more.
The sun seemed to me particularly.
In these dark times, I dreamed that I could bring happiness in life – to have a magic recipe to blow the dark rain clouds on the horizon and fill my air with rainbows.
But life has a funny way of showing us the answer at the most unexpected moment.
At that time, I began to realize that I was out of my hands to watch. Look intently in despair, almost as if I thought there must be an answer to stab me. As if my hands had special powers and if I looked long enough, I might think I could get my rainbow fingers.
And I know that. And so can you.
Only when I felt that I had gone down well and all the water dried up long ago, I realized that happiness does not evaporate in life, it does not disappear; He is with us. It’s part of us.
Imagine if you can come up with your hands and play happiness again.
Certainly, the hard times come back, but you would be ready. You would have a way back happy. To speak and repeat happiness in life, if you have already done it.


Your hands are your happy place. They still keep the memories of your iris, happiness.

Better ways to bring happiness in life

Here’s how to remember your rainbows. It is about knowing and remembering what you are:

1. Remember how kind you are

Take a trip back to one of those special moments your mom or dad wrapped their hand around your little fingers. Be happy to be born of love.


2. Be confident you are charismatic

Remember those early friendships, sticky hands holding yours, grasping it to join in the game. Delight that your friends can not imagine playing the game of life without you.

3. Realize how tenacious you are

That day you sat first on a bicycle, grabbing the handlebar, without balance, without direction. However, you have come to the challenge. I remember when I sit down I’ll never get the hang of something new.

4. Know how smart you are

That certificate you had, which showed all your hard work had paid off. Be happy that you are pretty smart enough to make life all you want it to be.

5. Appreciate how irresistible you are

Remember the rush to hold hands with your first love. Not all relationships last forever, but are glad that their irresistibility has already been proven. this is one reason Why is happiness so difficult to maintain?

6. Understand how loyal you are

That time he left everything for a friend so he could be there to put his arm around them. Remember how you made them feel. Be joyful that your loyalty is a huge part of who you are.

7. Treasure How Independent You Are

Reclaim the freedom you felt the day you drove a motorcycle or a car alone for the first time. Enjoy knowing that regardless of your situation, your independence remains your decision. this is  Why is happiness so difficult to maintain?

Why is happiness so difficult to maintain?

8. Being in love with how loving you are

Think of the warmth and sense of peace you share with your dog, cat or other pet as you embrace them. It makes me so happy that I could explode knowing the enormous capacity to love and build the confidence that we all have.

9. Pleasure in how easy you are




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